IT Managed Services

Managed IT services are aimed at handing over your IT operations to a third-party IT services provider, which takes responsibility to ensure high efficiency and timely improvement of your IT environment and processes within it. Managed IT services by Square Network Solutions are backed with 15+ years of experience in ITSM span the all-round support for cloud, on-premises and hybrid infrastructures and include consulting and migration services for proactive IT evolution. Our professionals provide proactive IT infrastructure monitoring, regular software configuration and updates, resource usage optimization, user support and overall improvement of your IT infrastructure and its components

Benefits to you

Remote Infrastructure Management Services (RIMS)

  • Service Desk
  • End Point Management
  • Asset Patch Management Policy and Automation
  • First Call Resolution
  • Reports & Dashboard

Annual Maintenance Contract

  • OEM B2B
  • Warranty Upgrade Packs
  • Multi-Vendor
  • Pan India

Facility Management Services & Support

  • SLA Based
  • Cost
  • Model
  • Resource Base