Networking & Wireless Solutions

Your Business Depends on Solid Network Infrastructure

Your network is a core component of your company’s overall technology footprint. We perform network, protocol, and wired or wireless configuration assessments to ensure you get the best performance out of your network.

Our engineers will work with you to identify the best networking solution by creating a network design, a rapid deployment, installation and customization, and the operational services you need to keep it running.

When it comes to your network, knowledge truly is power. Understanding and implementing a proper approach to a network solution can provide top results you are looking for at the right cost. Our certifications have allowed us to be known as experts in each of their offerings.

Square Network has a long and proven track record of providing top quality networking and wireless solutions. Sometimes there’s just no substitute for experience. When you work with us, you have skilled IT professionals backed by valuable experience, ensuring your network will be fast, flexible, and scalable.

Top Networking & Wireless Manufacturers

The performance and reliability of your network are vital. That’s why we partner with the most trusted names in the networking and wireless world. Plus, working with the top networking manufacturers allows us to be on top of the latest technologies.

Networking & Wireless Solutions Offerings

Border Security (firewall, intrusion prevention)
Web Security
Wireless and Mobility
VPN/Remote Access

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