Hardware and Facility management Services

Because your business works when your hardware works.

Your staff relies on servers, notebooks, and workstations to perform their duties, and when your equipment goes down, you lose productivity.

Square Network’s inventory of Intel server, workstation, and networking components allows us to build, replace and upgrade hard drives, processors and most other business critical parts quickly. Because we stock a wide selection of these components, you no longer have to wait for parts or pay expensive shipping charges.

As a partner with Dell, HP and Toshiba, we also have the flexibility of providing hardware solutions from the most popular manufacturers.

Leave the management of your diverse IT environment to the experts.

Today IT assets have become widely distributed and with reduced visibility on the network. A lot of organizations spending a very high portion of their technology budget on ‘soft costs’ like purchasing, installing, managing, administration, troubleshooting, training and recruitment for supporting IT hardware and software. They are forced to put in a lot of energy and time into these activities because the systems are critical to business operations and any downtime can have a severely disastrous impact on production, customer satisfaction and revenues.

We help our clients not only to concentrate their efforts on the core business areas but also to utilize their existing infrastructure better. Our IT Facilities Management Services are a comprehensive set of services that help our customers to fully utilize their IT investments by improving availability, reliability and performance. We achieve this by offering a complete portfolio of customized services and expertise, from planning and design to procurement, installation, integration, migration assistance to system management, telephone support and on-site hardware and software fixes.